Officer Dan Bates – Belleair Police Department

Dan Bates is a Police Officer with the Belleair FL Police Department. Prior to this, he worked for the City of Clearwater Code Enforcement where he utilized his expertise in CPTED and ordinance enforcement. He was also a Training and Curriculum Specialist for the Florida RCP after his retirement from the St. Petersburg Police Department (SPPD) December, 2001 after 26+ years of service. During his last eleven years with SPPD, Dan worked as the department's Environmental Design and Business Crime Prevention Officer. He is a certified Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner and received his initial instruction in the concepts of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) from International CPTED authority, Timothy Crowe. He is also a member of the Tampa Bay Professional Traffic Calmer Group as well as a charter member and officer of the Florida CPTED Network.

Along with teaching for the RCPI, Dan teaches CPTED and other related crime prevention subjects for the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute and the Florida Attorney General's Office.

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