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Bath Salt Drug

If you do not already know about the newest designer drug please be aware of the "Bath Salt" drug. This item has been made available at head-shops, some smoke shops, independently owned corner shops/service stations, or the Internet. It can be ingested in many ways (Liquefying/ shooting up, smoking, snorting...) and one of the biggest problems is that the package directions are listed in a foreign language, if there are ANY directions at all. Louisiana, Alabama and a few other states have passed laws but internet sales will be hard to stop!

Below are some resources that you may want to add to your web page, facebook page, forward to local schools/parents organizations and use in roll call so officers know what they are dealing with. In addition, we have included a description of what Alabama (and some other states) are doing. Warn your kids/grandkids too, the death toll is high!

Early Show video - "DEA Names 'Bath Salts' a Drug of Concern - Very good video!

Blog about "Bath Salts" -

"Bath Salts" or Synthetic Cocaine declared a Controlled Substance in Alabama

The District Attorneys applaud this concerted effort between the Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, The Alabama Department of Health lead by Dr. Williamson, the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and all Alabama Law Enforcement to address this newest threat to the health and safety of Alabama.

The local District Attorneys and Law Enforcement have been inundated with concerns regarding the use of "bath salts". They are not "bath salts" that are sold in beauty or bath stores. It is a slang street name for a new dangerous hallucinogenic drug that has caused serious physical and injuries and psychological damage across the country. We are one of the first States to take this emergency action along with Florida. These substances are really two synthetic drugs used in the manufacture of other illegal drugs. They are sold under such names as Ivory Wave, Red Dove, Bliss and Vanilla Sky.

It seems that every time we turn our head around a new dangerous drug or 'narcotic of concern' has emerged on the scene to pose a threat to our citizens. And all too often, those who would profit from the sale of these drugs market them with 'feel good' names or as a harmless 'highs'. But we in law enforcement and in the health community know the truth. It is time this practice stopped and with the partnership here today we can quickly make a difference with this new threat.

Once again Alabama is in the lead in matters concerning the protection of our citizens, joining Florida, Louisiana, and North Dakota in the declaration of these substances as controlled.

Thank you to the AG, Luther Strange, Dr. Williamson and Public Health, the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, Alabama Law Enforcement and all the Alabama District Attorneys for working together to make this happen.

We at the Office of Prosecution Services, OPS and the District Attorneys Association worked with the Department of Health, the Attorney General's Office and the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences to have the newest dangerous drug making its way into Alabama declared to be a controlled substance. Under a specific provision of law it will not require legislation. However, Senator Orr has agreed to champion backstop legislation in the upcoming session to make sure no new or additional substances arise as a result of this declaration.

>A press conference was held where ADAA President Tommy Smith and Executive Board member Michael Jackson stood along side Attorney General Luther Strange and Dr. Williamson of the State Department of Public Health to issue a directive that these base substances would from now on, be controlled and subject to the Alabama Criminal Statutes as such. The notice was also sent out to the DAs in Alabama to notify local law enforcement. Several jurisdictions have already taken bold steps to seize these products off the shelves of retailers in Alabama.

This drug is a dangerous product. It has hit other states in a terrible way. Probably some of you are unaware of its seriousness, and that is because we are on the cutting edge of making this statement. Please Click Here to see a signed copy of Dr. Williamson's declaration. The Substance is now controlled per Dr. Williamson's declaration.

Information provided by Gulf States RCPI

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