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Canada’s giant step in firefighter suicide prevention
In October, I floated a theory on what it will take to make a significant dent in the number of firefighters who take their own lives. This came on the heels of two firefighter suicides.

Can we halt firefighter suicide?
In the past two weeks we've had two more firefighter suicides, and those are only the ones we know of. Sadly, that's not what's remarkable.

AFD expanding support services for firefighters struggling with PTSD, depression
Preventing suicide is the ultimate goal of the groups, according to Captain Paff. He doesn't believe Alaska has seen any firefighters commit suicide related to their work, but nationwide statistics show 99 firefighters and 30 EMS workers committed suicide in 2015.

Firefighter suicide tackled by Mountain Vista fire chief
Suicide rates among firefighters are on the rise. According the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, 52 firefighters a year take their own lives. - KVOA Tucson News, August 30, 2016

Madison firefighters unveil peer support program as report shows higher rates of PTSD and suicide
He says so far they haven't seen an active duty firefighter commit suicide, but they have seen three retired firefighters over the last five years who took their own lives. - WKOW, August 24, 2016

Female firefighter’s suicide called a ‘fire bell in the night’ for male-dominated departments
When Fairfax County, Virginia, firefighter Nicole Mittendorff hanged herself in April, a fellow firefighter likened the suicide to a "fire bell in the night" demanding an urgent response. - Alaska Dispatch News, August 23, 2016

Firefighter Mental Health Awareness
by Trip Barrs, Deputy chief, Dunedin Fire Rescue
Florida Fire Service - August 2015

Firefighter Health: Suicide Rates Rising Among Firefighters
Suicide rates are on the increase among firefighters. In fact, the rates are beginning to catch up with the rates of law enforcement officers.

St. Petersburg College awarded grant to help prevent suicide among firefighters
St. Petersburg College 09/18/2014

Suicides up among firefighters
KCTV5 08/05/2014

First-responders pay a price for saving lives
The Tampa Tribune 08/02/2014

Implementing a Suicide Prevention Program
Fire Engineering 07/10/2014

Chicago Firefighter Suicide Report Seeks Answers News 6/21/2012 

Distinguishing Stress from Burnout will Help you Move Forward
Vistelar Group 7/02/2013

Firefighters address alarming suicide rates
NBC article and video - 5/7/2014

Firefighter suicide prevention: The company officer's role 7/18/2011

Firefighter PTSD, Depression and Suicide -- Helping the Helpers
ABC 9/09/ 2011

Head of Montreal fire department claims force has serious bullying problems
Sun News Network 2/24/2013

NFFF offers resources to deal with firefighter stress, behavioral-health issues
Firechief Online 11/07/2013

Phoenix Fire Department Develops New Tool to Fight Firefighter Suicides
FireFighter Nation 8/08/2011

Safety & Health Week 2013 Focuses on Firefighter Behavioral Health
FireFighter Nation 3/23/2013

Searching for Answers Following a Fellow Firefighter’s Suicide
FireFigher Nation 2/15/ 2013

Suicide rate skyrockets among middle-aged Americans
JS Online 5/02/2013

Why Firefighter Suicides Should Not Be Considered as LODDs
Fire 5/12/2014



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