Ethical Issues for Elected Officials and Public Servants

This 4-hour course specifically addresses the unique demands placed upon public service employees and elected officials. Those of us working in the public sector deal daily with pressures to make sound ethical decisions. The choices we make can be scrutinized, criticized and second-guessed by many segments of our constituency, some of whom possess an almost inherent distrust for persons who work in government. This course of instruction will evaluate ethical decision-making tools and resources available to people working in the public sector. It will stimulate participants to think and problem-solve in a supportive, facilitated workshop emphasizing group discussion and interaction.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of personal moral development, integrity and character in the professional lives of elected officials and public service employees;
  • Learn a practical system for making professional ethical decisions utilizing a variety of resources including the Florida Code of Ethics;
  • Apply the information and skills learned in this class to case studies representative of ethical dilemmas present in public service


Course Topics:

  • Why Do Ethics Matter?
  • Moral Components of Consistent Ethical Behavior
  • Levels of Moral Reasoning
  • Exploring Ethical Conflicts of Interest and Strategies for Dealing with Them
  • Ethical Application Scenarios
  • Review of Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers & Employees
  • Published by the Florida Commission on Ethics


Manuals and Presentation for Download:



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