Changing Roles: Supervising Today's CPO

This interactive 16-hour seminar addresses the changes necessary in supervising today's community policing officer. The challenges that community policing places on supervisors demand a situational style of leadership to address a wide range of community needs and varying job skills of community policing officers. Additionally, supervisors must work with community members and other partners, a change from yesterday's supervision models. Traditional autocratic supervision is not effective under the community policing model. This course allows supervisors to explore what supervisory traits work best in community policing. The course is designed for first-line supervisors.

Participants will be able to:

  • Explore the concept of situation leadership, and examine scenarios to determine the appropriate style for the situation;
  • Identify the role of supervisors in community partnerships;
  • Identify the role of supervisors in problem solving or problem oriented policing;
  • Understand the importance of job performance feedback to community policing officers;
  • Explore how supervisors can assist officers dealing with the changes in policing today that involve community policing theories


Course Topics:

  • So What's the Problem: Assessing the Need for COPS Supervisory Training
  • Agreeing on the Basics: An Overview of the Community Policing Philosophy
  • Black and White or Gray: Contrasting Traditional and Community Policing Supervision
  • What Works Best: Leadership Styles in Community Policing
  • The Role of Supervisors in Community Partnerships
  • The Role of Supervisors in Problem Solving
  • Setting a Vision: Goal Setting and Performance Evaluation
  • Calming Rough Seas: Managing Change Within an Organization


Manuals and Presentation for Download:



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