Survival Skills for Community Police Officers

This innovative 24-hour seminar is designed for police officers with some experience in community policing operations who seek strategies to do their jobs more effectively. The survival techniques herein involve more than street-level tactics used during high-risk operations. Survival in this seminar refers to keeping an officer motivated and focused on the task at hand in the face of obstacles to progress and other challenges. Officers attending this course should possess a basic understanding of community policing and problem solving.

Participants will be able to:

  • Share effective strategies;
  • Become familiar with the nature of police-community partnerships and suggested methods of developing partnerships;
  • Develop an understanding of a nationally accepted model for solving community problems
  • Learn from the mistakes of others;
  • Discuss what works in their communities and what does not;
  • Address common problems that officers face everywhere;
  • Gain from the knowledge that they are not in this alone.


Course Topics:

  • The Challenges of Change: Overcoming Organizational Resistance to Change
  • Professional Values: The Ethical Aspects of Community Policing
  • Effective Time Management: When There Simply is Not Enough Time in a Day
  • Communications: Saying What You Mean and Being Effective at the Same Time
  • Team Building: When Working Together is Important
  • Documentation: Learning from the Mistakes of Others


Manuals and Presentation for Download:



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