Understanding the Dynamics of Violence in the Workplace

It has been estimated that acts of workplace violence cost public and private employers in the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

Traditionally, law enforcement becomes involved only after the fact, by responding to calls for service. How can anyone prevent or even predict something going wrong in the workplace or school? It happens so fast.

Everyone has heard of violent acts from employees that result in multiple deaths and a grizzly crime scene, but what about sexual harassment in the workplace? Could that be considered an act of workplace violence? How about an employee dealing with a nasty customer or an outside delivery or service person being threatened by a client, patient or neighbor? Were all of the employees in the World Trade Center Towers or Pentagon on September 11 victims of workplace violence?

This course outlines the various types of workplace violence and the people capable of committing those crimes, then offers effective crime prevention techniques and site assessment basics needed to lessen the possibility of an incident occurring at your business or school.

This 8-hour course is offered in traditional classroom and online formats. It is designed for law enforcement officers, human resource managers, supervisors, customer service representatives or any community stakeholder with an interest in this potentially costly and dangerous legal and social problem.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the complete and far-reaching definition of workplace violence;
  • Learn the elements of Type I, Type II, and Type III acts of workplace violence;
  • Learn how to conduct a formal or informal site assessment to lessen the potential for an incident of workplace violence;
  • Understand the potential acts or trigger events that statistically have the highest likelihood of resulting in some type of workplace violence;
  • Learn which positions within the company are most often targeted;
  • Understand the situational elements of a potential offender;
  • Learn what type of information to include in a Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and the value of an Employee Safety Committee.


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