Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Training of Trainers

This tuition-free 8-hour Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention TOT training will heighten awareness, help you understand the indicators, the issues involved, potential solutions, and important protocols to consider. It will also provide materials for on going in service and roll call training within your agency.

This training is designed for the law enforcement trainers who wish to teach a block of instruction on suicide prevention and intervention techniques within a law enforcement setting.

Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the stress, pressures, and culture in law enforcement that can lead to suicidal ideation.
  • Identify suicidal behaviors and communication.
  • Develop strategies on how to train law enforcement in suicide prevention.
  • Recognize the importance of establishing department policy and procedures related to suicide prevention and postvention.


Course Structure:
This course consists of the Instructor Guide, PowerPoint presentation, Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Toolkit, and CD ROMs.


Topics covered in the training include:

  • Facts, Statistics, Truths and Myths
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Signs and Signals
  • Intervention Strategies
  • Dealing with the Aftermath of Suicide
  • Resources – RCPI LE Suicide Prevention Website


Vetting Process:
Because this is an important project, there will be a vetting process for those interested in attending. It is important that the appropriate people attend this training as they will be asked to provide this training to staff at their agencies. Criteria for those attending are:

  1. Preferably already a trainer.
  2. Involved in a peer support program (not necessary, but definitely a plus).
  3. Understands the importance of awareness, education and prevention of LE suicide.

Requirements on the part of the agency:

  1. Letter of recommendation from Chief/Sheriff.
  2. Support of the agency on the importance of this project.
  3. Assurance that the trainer will be given every opportunity to educate, through roll-call or in-service training, sworn and non-sworn staff on awareness, education and prevention of LE suicide.
  4. Assurance that the trainer will provide the FL RCPI information on these in-house trainings, ie. date and how many staff attended training so that the FL RCPI can report back to the funder.


Target Audience
The primary target audience includes law enforcement personnel, agency trainers, mental health professionals and chaplains.

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