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Many of the instructors that were instrumental in the success of the FL RCPI have since become chiefs of police and have taken the philosophy of community policing with them. Community Policing works. Become part of the solution for your agency. Call us today @ 727.341.4581 and ask to speak to an FL RCPI Training Coordinator!

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Communication in Law Enforcement Families - NEW FREE TRAINING

This course is to encourage communication between family members and the family member who works in law enforcement. Sometimes adding a mental health professional into that communication can lead to successful solutions that does not negatively affect the family or the law enforcement officer’s job...

Community Engagement During Times of Crisis: COVID-19 and Beyond — The Policing Project

Police are tasked with ensuring public safety during extreme events and emergencies, many of which are unprecedented in the way they unfold–as we’re seeing now with the novel COVID-19 pandemic and its broad effects on daily life...

Examples-Community-Police Engagement.pdf (

Community walks. Richmond, VA. Once a month the chief takes his weekly command staff to the streets, along with the precinct commander, sector lieutenants, and officers within a specified neighborhood and go door to door to meet with residents....

From Crisis to Community Policing - Police Chief Magazine

With communities across the world calling for dramatic change in policing, agencies may wonder how to proceed. One necessary response is a true embrace of community policing...

Ten Essential Actions to Improve School Safety

The COPS Office School Safety Working Group has identified 10 essential actions that can be taken by schools, school districts, and law enforcement agencies to help prevent critical incidents...

Our Reality

The Community Challenge: Reality Experience video was produced in collaboration with members of the Middle District of Florida’s Hate Crimes Working Group.

Improving the Identification, Investigation, and Reporting of Hate Crimes: A Summary Report of the Law Enforcement Roundtable

In 2018, the Hate Crimes Enforcement and Prevention Initiative convened a law enforcement roundtable on challenges and successes in identifying, reporting, and tracking hate crimes...

Why Cops Need to Get out of Their Cars Strategies for Community Engagement - Police One

If you can’t name and recognize your city council members and community religious leaders, you may have a problem lying in wait...

About Face: Turning Away from Hate (CD)

The Florida RCPI's newest interactive CD-ROM, About Face, focuses on the anatomy of hate crimes and how bias and prejudicial attitudes left unchecked can lead to more serious criminal activity....

AfterMath: Lessons in School Safety (CD)

This nationally award-winning CD-ROM has four interactive branching video scenarios including alcohol, weapons, bullying and suicide.

Collinsville Police Department, Illinois Proactive Policing and Community Engagement

Our proactive policing philosophy, combined with our community engagement efforts, is the life-blood and culture of our organization.

Community Engagement Between Neighbors and Police - 100 People Foundation

Yolanda Stokes--Community engagement between neighbors and police

After the Uniform

This documentary video takes a look at the post-service lives of veterans. The individuals profiled in this video will help audiences understand PTSD and other psychological issues veterans may face after their service or deployment ends.




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