Core Community Policing Courses

Community Policing

  • Introduction to Community Oriented Policing
    This course can be modified for an 8- or 16-hour delivery. It is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the history and development of community policing, the fundamental elements of the community policing philosophy and its implications for police operations.
  • Police / Community Partnerships
    This course is designed to provide the law enforcement practitioner, community service provider, business owner, and, most importantly, the residents of the community, with the tools necessary to define, develop, nurture and maintain partnerships to improve the quality of life in their respective communities. This course will show participants how to build and maintain meaningful cooperative partnerships to better address and solve community problems.
  • Problem Solving for the Community Policing Officer and Citizen
    This highly interactive 8-hour seminar focuses on the problem solving element of Community Policing. It provides participants with an understanding of the historical development of the Community Policing model and the relationship between Problem Oriented Policing (POP) and Community Oriented Policing (COP).
  • Survival Skills for Community Policing Officers
    This innovative 24-hour seminar is designed for police officers with some experience in community policing operations who seek strategies to do their jobs more effectively. The survival techniques herein involve more than street-level tactics used during high-risk operations. Survival in this seminar refers to keeping an officer motivated and focused on the task at hand in the face of obstacles to progress and other challenges. Officers attending this course should possess a basic understanding of community policing and problem solving.
  • Building Bridges: Community Policing Overview for Citizens
    This 4-hour course is designed to give the citizen partner a basic understanding of Community Oriented Policing, how it differs from other policing strategies, common terms and approaches, and a step-by-step process for solving neighborhood problems.
  • Changing Roles: Supervising Today's Community Policing Officer
    This interactive 16-hour seminar addresses the changes necessary in supervising today's community policing officer. The challenges that community policing places on supervisors demand a situational style of leadership to address a wide range of community needs and varying job skills of community policing officers. Additionally, supervisors must work with community members and other partners, a change from yesterday's supervision models. Traditional autocratic supervision is not effective under the community policing model. This course allows supervisors to explore what supervisory traits work best in community policing. The course is designed for first-line supervisors.


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