Police / Community Partnerships

This course is designed to provide the law enforcement practitioner, community service provider, business owner, and, most importantly, the residents of the community, with the tools necessary to define, develop, nurture and maintain partnerships to improve the quality of life in their respective communities. This course will show participants how to build and maintain meaningful cooperative partnerships to better address and solve community problems.

Participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to develop and empower various organizations to address quality of life issues within their community;
  • Actively practice the principles learned within this course through various "hands-on" exercises;
  • Develop partnerships and networking with other participants of this course; observe how other agencies have addressed problems within their communities and how partnerships have eliminated and/or reduced the problem.


Course Topics:

  • History of American law enforcement and its current migration to Community Policing
  • Introduction to Community Policing philosophy
  • Partnerships: How to define, develop, nurture and maintain positive partnerships
  • Partnerships: Barriers to creating partnerships and how to overcome them
  • Meetings: How to prepare and conduct successful meetings
  • Conflict resolution: How to diffuse problems within a partnership
  • Partnerships in action: Actual case study of a community who used partnerships to take back their community from criminals, and other innovative programs.


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