Ethical Issues and Decisions in Law Enforcement

This 8-hour interactive workshop is offered in traditional classroom and online formats. It explores ethical issues, questions and problems relevant to Community Policing. Emphasis will be placed on the recognition of ethical issues, personal and professional decision-making skills, the consequences of ethical and unethical behavior, the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and the roles of moral development and personal character in the professional life of a Community Police Officer.

Participants will be able to:

  • Become more sensitive to the nature and presence of ethical issues in community policing;
  • Understand the importance of personal moral development, integrity and character in the professional lives of law enforcement officers;
  • Explore the real-world consequences of ethical and unethical behavior;
  • Discuss differences between legal standards and ethical standards;
  • Learn a practical system for making professional ethical decisions utilizing a variety of resources, including the Code of Ethics;
  • Apply the information and skills learned in this class to case studies representative of ethical dilemmas present in Community Policing.


Course Topics:

  • Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Community Policing
  • Ethical Standards vs. Legal Standards
  • The Role of Personal Character in Professional Life
  • Individual Ethics vs. Institutional Policies
  • The Process of Personal Moral Development
  • Ethical Decision-Making in Community Policing


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