Pharmaceutical Crime – Tools for the Street

This course is for the street patrol officers/new detectives who need to understand the scope of the problem, recognize the types of crimes that may be encountered, how to respond to the scene, awareness of associated evidence, interview techniques, and documentation to further an investigation for a successful prosecution.


  • Describe the “Scope of the Problem” pertaining to pharmaceutical drug diversion.
  • Identify the types of crimes associated with pharmaceutical drug diversion.
  • Identify commonly abused pharmaceuticals.
  • Describe pharmaceutical drug diversion criminal methods.
  • Identify the elements and characteristics of “Doctor Shopping”.
  • Identify the components and facets of prescription fraud.
  • Describe the motivations and traits of pharmaceutical drug diversion criminal activity.
  • Describe “Pill Mill” criminal enterprises.
  • Understand the dangers and safe guards of encountering counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
  • Understand the importance of documentation and report writing for pharmaceutical drug diversion investigations.

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